Songs für Unschuldsvermutete

Hey Karl-Heinz Grasser, Wolfgang Kulterer, Tilo Berlin und all ihr anderen Figuren aus der Geisterbahn des Schurkenkapitalismus Jörg Haider´scher Prägung: Ich hätte da zwei Songs zur Hand, die zu euch passen wie die journalistische Absicherungsfloskel „Unschuldsvermutung“ zu jedem eurer Namen…

Randy Newman: „It´s Money That I Love“

I don’t love the mountains
And I don’t love the sea
And I don’t love Jesus
He never done a thing for me
I ain’t pretty like my sister
Or smart like my dad
Or good like my mama

It’s money that I love

They say that’s money
Can’t buy love in this world
But it’ll get you a half-pound of cocaine
And a sixteen-year old girl
And a great big long limousine
On a hot September night
Now that may not be love
But it is all right

It’s money that I love

Used to worry about the poor
But I don’t worry anymore
Used to worry about the black man
Now I don’t worry about the black man
Used to worry about the starving children of India
You know what I say about the starving children of India ?
I say, „Oh mama“

It’s money that I love

The Kinks : „Preservation“

Once upon a time
In a faraway land
Lived a villain called Flash
He was such a wicked man
He terrorized the people
He broke arms and crushed hands
He ruled with a fist and he purchased all the land

Then he plowed up the fields and cut down the trees
For property speculation
And he did it all for a pot of gold
And for his own preservation

The people were scared
They didn’t know where to turn
They couldn’t see any salvation
From the hoods and the spivs
And the crooked politicians
Who were cheating and lying to the nation

Save the fields and the trees
And give them back to the nation
Bring the government down
A new leader must be found
For the sake of our preservation

He said he did it to help us all
And did it for the good of the nation
But he did it all for a pot of gold
And for his own preservation

When money is evil
And power is corrupt
The devil moves in and takes over
Mr. Flash broke his word
And now he’s got to pay
For his crimes and his lies and his evil ways

And it’s gonna get rough
And it’s gonna get tough
It’s a crime and a sin that no one can win
In a story of self preservation

Ein Kommentar zu „Songs für Unschuldsvermutete

  1. was die drecksäue aus kärnten gemacht haben schmerzt mir im herzen.

    „You know there once was freedom
    You know how dangerous that can be
    The people used to dance & sing
    & they used to run wild in the streets
    But now I am the voice
    Howling from your radio
    From my armour plated Cadillac
    You’ll hear what I say goes….“


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